Stingers ´2015

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Stan and other agents accompany the FBI defectee to "Tootsie" and she plants Intel in the Ladie's. Philip has to break away from a family dinner to be Jim and hook up with Kimmy; he recovers a tape with critical intel for the Centre. Elizabeth and Philip check out a hotel where Muhajideen are expected to stay; Elizabeth makes yet another conquest. Yousef is traveling to the U.S. to meet with Philip. Henry starts to bond with Stan and Paige confronts her parents. Paige asks whether her parents are in "witness protection" and/or why the family is not normal. Arkady and others at the Rezidentura get a note from "Willow," the FBI defectee. When her parents finally tell her the truth about their heritage and their real jobs, Paige may not be able to deal with the ramifications.

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