Mockingbird ´2014

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Tyrion and Jaime have a long conversation in the dungeons about Tyrion's fate and Jaime explains that he cannot be his champion since he is not a good fighter with the left hand. Tyrion asks Jaime to bring Bronn to talk to him. Bronn visits Tyrion and also declines to be his champion. He explains that Cercei has chosen the dangerous The Mountain to be her champion and bribed him, offering a noble woman to marry him. Out of the blue, Oberyn Martell visits Tyrion and surprisingly offers to be his champion. Daenerys spends the night with Daario and in the morning, Jorah stumbles with Daario living her room. Daenerys explains that asked him to go to Yunkai to kill the masters to control the city, but Jorah convinces her to bring justice without execution. Arya kills Rorge at a house burnt to the ground and gets closer to The Hound. Brienne and Pod dine at an inn where Hot Pie works and then he tells that Arya is alive with The Hound. Jon Snows unsuccessfully tries to convince the Night's Watch to seal the tunnel with ice to protect Castle Black from an invasion. Sansa has a friction and slaps Robin and Littlefinger witnesses her attitude and tells to Sansa to not worry. Then he kisses her, but Lysa sees from a window. Lysa summons Sansa and threatens to throw her through the Moon Door, but Littlefinger protects Sansa. Then he throws Lysa out through the Moon Door.

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