Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method ´2015

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The clone club have made the decision that Helena and Gracie should now be the responsibility of the Hendrixes, which does not sit well with Donnie. Both Alison and Donnie believe they have to address the issue of Jason, and his romantic interest in Alison, although they take different approaches in dealing with the situation. Cosima continues to have problems in what seems like her love/hate relationship with Delphine, who she no longer trusts. Cosima and Sarah have not divulged to Delphine that Scott has been talking to Rachel about deciphering Duncan's code in the book. Rachel wants to make a deal with Sarah, which involves her, Felix and another sister who Sarah wants to remain outside the fold of knowledge about the clones, while various sides have differing opinions about what to do with and about Rachel. Castor may play a factor in the equation about Duncan's code, which may also affect "Denise"'s well being.

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