Certain Agony of the Battlefield ´2015

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Sarah is all alone at the Castor compound now that Helena has managed to escape, although Rudy is tasked with locating her, she who they believe cannot get far being in the middle of the desert. Sarah is also not feeling well, knowing that Coady and her team have done something to her. Sarah no longer trusts Paul, but behind the scenes he is trying to discover exactly what secret work Coady seems to be working on. Mrs. S and Felix are at different stages of worry about missing Sarah's whereabouts. Felix goes to someone who he believes can help, he doing whatever he needs to get the information about Sarah's whereabouts. Delphine returns on news that Sarah is missing, her return which does have an effect on Cosima's burgeoning relationship with Shay. Delphine, Cosima and Scott try to discover what is affecting Gracie. And Alison and Donnie are basking in the success of their new drug business, which Donnie may take a bit too far. Along with Jason who probably knows more about the workings of a drug business than them, they as a collective have to figure out how best to move forward and grow the business.

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