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The One with Rachel's Other Sister ´2002

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Its Thanksgiving Day (again) and Amy, Rachel's middle sister, shows up to spend the night with her friends. Amy is a materialist and insensitive girl, who hasn't even congratulated Rachel for Emma's birth. She asks Rachel if she can spend the day with her. Rachel agrees but knows the dinner will be a nightmare because Amy won't connect with Emma or with Rachel's friends. She's also a big-mouth who remembers Ross as a crazy guy who had a crush for Rachel, and remembers Monica as a fat girl who always was following Rachel. Before dinner, Amy comes up with a festive dilemma: if Rachel and Ross die, who will care for Emma? They tell Amy that if something like that occurs, Monica and Chandler will care for Emma. Amy gets mad with Rachel and Ross, arguing that she has never been a good sister with her. The discussion continues at dinner, where another issue begins: Monica's new china. Nobody is allow to damage Monica's china, who asks them all to be gentle with it. However, the discussion about Emma's hypothetical adoptive parents continues and now Chandler becomes upset because if Monica dies Ross's parents will care for Emma, not him. Amy and Rachel end up fighting and Chandler tries demonstrates his father-like qualities by separating them. Monica's china is in danger of shattering so she keeps it inside its box, but later Chandler goofs and smashes it in pieces.

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  • Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc

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