El tiempo entre los dedos ´2009

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Maca tries to court Esther again and gives her an anonymous present, but she prefers to take things slowly. Héctor has rushed back with too much work to do. While he kisses Alicia it seems that there is something between the both. Jacobo tries to be kind, but Maca notices that things are not as they seems, while Leyre is getting to know Fernando. Moreover, Waldo and Gimeno (who is single again) watches them kissing. Sofía continues obstinatly with the case of a boy who reminds her of the past and her brother. Raúl is very worried and tells Fernando about it. As this boy is in coma, she can't avoid the decision and has to disconnect him from the life support machine. Javier has the unpleasant job of firing at least one worker due to economic reasons and it seems that Teresa is the chosen one. Carlos decides to leave the hospital upon the arrival of his father's (with mental problems) because Claudia doesn't him to be a father to her babies. Guillermo, who shares a flat with Javier, has problems with the Javier's partners and Teresa considers the possibility of renting him a room in her house. Rai prefers not to tell anyone about what happened between him and Jose, while the new resident understands Rai's position in a case when Teresa tells her about Lola.

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  • Stars: Antonio Zabálburu, Ángel Rouco, Marisol Rolandi, Fátima Baeza

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