Todo el mundo quiere a Rai ´2008

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A packet for Lola arrives in the hospital: it's a dog called Raimundo. At the beginning, nobody wants the animal, but after, everybody do it. Rai, deeply depressed, declines the option of having some spare days and prefers to work for forgetting the lost of his lover. Finally, the dog is for him. Fernando seems to have decided give his grandson in adoption, but finally, with Carlo's influence, changes his mind. Mónica confesses Diego and Raúl that her marriage with Javier is in a bad moment and she was going to leave their home when her husband had the plane accident; later is Javier who abandoned their house. The SAMUR team has received several false advises and, in one of them, a boy has painted the ambulance with a graffiti. Javier doesn't agree with the distribution of the shifts that Maca has done because he believes that she is overloading of work the doctors, while the pediatrician continues not to feeling well and suffers a dizziness in front of Sotomayor. Later, Carlos tries again to talk with Maca and help her, but she denies having any problem. Mayarí comes to the hospital with a nourishing poisoning and Alicia attends her; certain tension arises among them. Maca offers Claudia some free days and she decides to take a plane and go visiting Aimé in Marseille. Vero, who is Rai's main support, tells him that is going out with a new friend, while he thinks that she must come back with Maca.

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  • Stars: Antonio Zabálburu, Ángel Rouco, Marisol Rolandi, Fátima Baeza

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