La vuelta a casa ´2007

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Vilches is back at hospital and all his partners give him the welcome. Héctor tells Rai Vilches is a new doctor and he shows him the hospital. An administrative mistake makes Héctor appears as died and a bucket of flowers arrives in the hospital. Javier and Mónica have decided that she's going to leave the SAMUR and begin to work as a nurse in Urgency. Javier tells Raúl about that, but finally Mónica decides to keep in the SAMUR. Merche tells Carlos about her childhood with the violence of her father with her mother and him. The incident with Miguel made her remind all that and suffers anxiety. Alicia's ex boyfriend, Borja, breaks their relationship leaving Alicia for another nurse of the hospital. She goes to a party, drank and finishes the night in Vilches' house with his son Guillermo. Isabel offers Maca the direction of Urgency. Esther prefers her not to accept in order to pass more time together, but Vero believes that is a good idea to accept. Finally Maca's answer to Isabel is affirmative. Teresa's husband has asked her to renew the marriage votes and she has to prepare a text for reading in the celebration. When she reads this text to Javier, he tells her that is thinking in ask Mónica to marry him. Lola avoids met Aimé but finally the talk about what happened between them. Aimé is already in love with Claudia

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  • Stars: Antonio Zabálburu, Ángel Rouco, Marisol Rolandi, Fátima Baeza

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