Tras la reina ´2007

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Maca is becoming a very good friend of Claudia, and Esther is jealous, but Maca tells Claudia that misses her ex. Aimé, who likes Claudia, is also worried and asks Héctor if he thinks that maybe she's lesbian. Esther tells Raúl that she's pregnant, she's expecting a baby girl. Everybody knows the new soon because Héctor hears Cruz talking to Esther and he tells the rest of the partners. But they don't know that the future baby is the result of Esther's infidelity to Maca. Javier's father's Alzheimer is going worse. Mónica notices that something is happening and tells Javier that he's not making him a favor hiding the illness. Laura and Carlos are preparing their wedding, but Carlos is also looking fr his father. He's in jail, he's a criminal and a bad person. That fact influences Carlos' work when a drug dependent father is admitted at hospital. Blanca, a patient which suffers from cancer hides the truth to her mother, an absorbent person who has already lose her husband. Samuel, Cruz's ex husband, Samuel, continues at the hospital with her baby, who suffers from leukemia. Cruz is trying to cure him and spends much time at the Central. Vilches thinks that Samuel want to recuperate Cruz. Later he watches Samuel trying to kiss Cruz, but she moves over.

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  • Stars: Antonio Zabálburu, Ángel Rouco, Marisol Rolandi, Fátima Baeza

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