Pink Cupcakes ´2014

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Jimmy is feeling like a phony with all the praise that's being heaped on him for stopping Twisty. He spends some time with Desiree but finds himself dealing with an emergency when she has a miscarriage. Kindly Dr. Bonham has some good news for her even if she has lost the baby. After a bit of information from Ethel however she sees Dell in a new light. As for Dell, he pursues a relationship with a handsome young man who works in a gay bar. Dandy pursues his own interest and invites the same young man to Twisty's old beaten up trailer in the woods. Stanley initiates his plan to get displays for the American Morbidity Museum and invites Bette and Dot to go on a picnic. Nothing goes quite according to plan. Elsa has her own plans for the twins.

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