Long Time Coming ´2014

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Quinn returns safe and sound, determined to distance himself from the CIA, but offering to get closer to Carrie. Dar Adal reveals that he made a deal with the devil Haqqani concerning Afghanistan, which seems utterly lost to the Taliban. He is able to convince Saul of the necessity of the deal, which also offers Berenson a way back to the Agency. He also attempts to justify it to Carrie, who can only see it as a betrayal of her sacrificed colleagues, after returning from a side trip where she discovered the truth of her family's history and family tree. Carrie learned that it was her mother's behavior and the birth of a brother she never knew she had, not her father or his mental illness, that destroyed their marriage, the opposite of what she had always assumed, giving her new hope that the previous assumptions she made regarding the incompatibility of her condition with a stable relationship were wrong. Attempting to re-establish contact with Peter, she finds he changed his plans following her earlier rejection, and accepted a top-secret 'uncovered' mission in Syria, where he is incommunicado.

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