A Mouth Is a Mouth ´2013

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Character Ray is introduce along with his two brothers, Terry, who owns a gym that trains boxers and Bunchy, who is a recovering alcoholic. He also finds out that he has a half brother, Marvin, from his father's, Mickey, affair with a woman, Claudette, while he was married to their mother and prior to going to jail. The brothers reveal to Ray about the brother and introduce him to Ray. They were keeping the secret for 10 years. You learn that the boys along with a sister, Bridget, who committed suicide, were molested as kids by a Catholic priest, who is killed in the beginning, by their father, who was just released from jail. Ray is married to Abby and has two kids and they currently live in California. Ray has a team that he works with, Lee, Lena, Avi, and Ezra. He does have a rocky relationship with his wife, Abby, where there is some issues with trust and fidelity.

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