Strawberries and Cream: Part 2 ´2011

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Now Hightower is found by the team but unwilling to hide out more than 48 hours longer with her kids, Patrick believes to be at an advantage as Red John ignores how close he is. After bluff-pressing LaRoche to give him the CSI mole suspects shortlist of four, to which the fat-man must be added, Patrick sets a cake-layered trap for CSI director Bertram, DA Ardiles, FBI agent Craig O'Laughlin and LaRoche. Each is 'given' given the same address, but at different floors, for Hightower's fake hideout, so where will betray who sent the hired killer, who however jumps to her death. Patrick now arranges a meeting with his top-suspect, during which he realizes he must be one floor wrong and hastily adapts. The team handles his alternative, correct suspect, while he finds himself and faces a Red John suspect, who admits to that during a lethal confrontation.

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