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5 Good Comedy Movies to Watch at the Weekends

For how long have you been laughing from the heart without thinking how witty the joke really was? We smile, have fun and change environment, but only unrestrained laughter charges us with optimism for a long time. Jolly company and plain comedy is the perfect addition to any evening.

“The Hangover” by Thom Phillips

The Hangover movie

4 movies about male friendship, stag parties and adventures. Quotes from many of those movies are daily used by lots of people.“Cheers for the night we’ll never forget nor remember” - is from the movie!

Link to movie - The Hangover.

“Grown Ups” by Dennis Dugan

Grown Ups movie

2 stories about meeting of classmates many years after remind us that we always remain cheerful and reckless kids.

Link to movie - Grown Ups.

“The Dictator” by Larry Charles

The Dictator

Parody movie about dictators and democracy with close to the bone jokes. The case when everybody goes out of cinema with red face and pretend they didn’t laugh.

Link to movie - The Dictator.

“Get Hard” by Etan Cohen

Get Hard movie

Sharp turn in the life of successful top-manager radically changing its way. This movie is about the rich, the poor and stereotypes.

Link to movie - Get Hard.

“Idiocracy” by Mike Judge


This is a story about modern tendencies of society development. The movie shows a picture of future we’ll definitely come to, if we won’t develop ourselves and change the world for better.

Link to movie - Idiocracy.

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