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5 Healthy Snacks to Munch at the Movies

Watching movies and simultaneously eating something is a common and beloved thing by many movie lovers. Nevertheless, far not all those buttery popcorns and other things are healthy for our organism.  You may not even notice how much additional weight you have put on during that constant food devouring.

To prevent fat gaining, you can choose alternative food that contains resourceful ingredients that can secure your body with enough levels of energy and do no harm to our health. Follow these 5 smart tips and you will provide your organism with all that is needed, eating really tasty and healthy snacks.

  • Roasted Chickpeas can be prepared easily at home. Toss a tablespoon of olive oil with chickpeas. Add some favorite seasonings to your liking and spread the meal on a flat aluminum pan. The snack will be ready within some 10-15 minutes. Bake it at the temperature of 350 degrees.
  • Frozen Grapes can be prepared within two hours. Put 15 grapes into the freezer for two hours. Mind that such time is required for each grape to get dissolved. However, it is worth waiting! Afterwards, it will taste better, as it will be refreshed.
  • Fruit chips is another tasty snack, which will not add unneeded calories to your body. Slice an apple or a pear as tiny as you can, lay it on a baking sheet and wrap it with parchment paper or foil. Keep the temperature of 275 degrees and wait an hour. You can add cinnamon to the chips.
  • Baked Banana Chips is an uncommon, but tasty meal. Slice a banana and toss it with the fresh juice of an orange. You should bake it in the oven for not more than an hour and afterwards, you may enjoy this great snack.
  • Snack Mix will require pretzels, dried cranberries, three tablespoons of dark chocolate chips (a gallon size) and popcorn with reduced levels of fats. There will be a lot to give your friends as well as sufficient for you.

If any of these snacks will not be enough for you, you can order smaller potions for kids or share a full one with your friend.

You should hydrate yourself for about two hours. Consequently, it is advised to have a bottle of water with you for such occasions.

Regardless of the place, where you go watching a movie, you should take with you healthy snacks, if you adore eating in front of the screen. Use these tips for your advantage.

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