Bloodletting ´2011

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In a flashback sequence, before the zombie apocalypse, Lori is waiting for Carl at school and tells a friend that she had an argument with Rick the night before. Shane arrives and tells her that Rick is in the hospital because of what happened on the road. In the present, Rick runs seeking help, carrying Carl in his arms while Shane follows them with the hunter, Otis, who had accidentally shot Carl. They reach a farm and Carl is attended by an old man called Hershel. He finds that the bullet has shattered into six fragments and he needs Rick's blood for transfusion to Carl. He withdraw one piece, but he concludes that he needs surgical supplies to remove the other five fragments. Shane and Otis head to a school that is surrounded by walkers to get the medical supplies. One of Hershel's daughters rides a horse to find the searchers and brings Lori to the farm. Meanwhile Dale finds that T-Dog's arm is badly infected and he needs antibiotics. The group agrees to split up, some spending the night on the road waiting for Sophia, planning to travel to the farm in the morning, while Glen drives T-Dog to the farm to get him medical help. When Lori finds that Mr. Hershel is a veterinary, she expresses doubt about his ability to save Carl. Meanwhile, Shane and Otis get the necessary supplies but are under siege by dozens of walkers.

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