Episode #1.5 ´2013

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Polly visits Ada with food for the baby but Ada, wrongly believing Thomas betrayed Freddie, will not see her. The reappearance of Arthur Senior, the Shelbys' father who deserted the family a decade earlier, also splits the family. Thomas rejects him but Arthur Junior is impressed by his tales of life in America and gives him money for a passage to the New World. Predictably the old man robs him. Another visitor is IRA leader Byrne, seeking to find out more about the fate of his cousin Ryan, the man killed by Grace. He demands the guns but Thomas sets a trap for Byrne and his henchman Maguire, whom he and Grace kill. Now having fallen for Thomas Grace gets Campbell to leave him alone if she can locate the stolen guns, which she does - buried in the false grave of family associate Danny Whizz-Bang. Grace resigns from Campbell's service but rejects his marriage proposal to go with Thomas. The Peaky Blinders now seem to be in the ascendancy again.

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