Episode #3.2 ´2013

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Luther investigates the Lanes' murders, noting that Dani has been made up in the same way as Emily. He also discovers that Ronnie Holland, who headed the Shoreditch Creeper case, has died in suspicious circumstances. Aware of Ripley's involvement with Erin Gray he confronts her and tells her not to use the sergeant in any vendetta against him. Luther discovers that Holland was obsessed with a former murderer William Carney, now debilitated and in a care home. Furthermore Carney has been receiving regular visits from a mysterious man called Paul Ellis. From speaking to Carney Luther works out that the serial killer, a disciple of the Shoreditch Creeper, is enacting revenge on women, having murdered his mother for being a whore, and thus cracks the case. Ripley arrests Ken for killing Cass but Luther manages to get him back on side.

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