The Golden Lotus ´2014

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  • IMDB rating: 8.6
  • Genres: Drama
  • Duration: 58 min
  • Country: USA


The Knick continues its slide into wrack and ruin, instigated by the recent riot and the cocaine shortage. Dr. Thackery is caught in a compromising position and Lucy in her efforts to help him begins her descent into possible hell as well. Dr. Thackery's secret addiction is no longer so secret after he commits and act of desperation. Dr. Gallinger's home life is falling to pieces and it looks like his temporary family unit has broken irretrievably apart. Cornelia is forced to turn to her black lover, Dr. Algernon, but he refuses to help her. Will the feisty nun Harriet be able to help her in her time of need? Only Dr. "Bertie" seems to be holding it together.

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