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Violet has a new maid, Denker, who makes it clear to her what she regards as the limitations of her duties. She accompanies Violet to see Prince Kuragin with news of his wife's whereabouts but the dowager is shocked when Kuragin reveals that he still loves her. An anonymous letter to the police has them questioning Baxter as to whether John ever went to London, though she is unable to help. Aware that it was sent by Barrow she is forgiving enough to take him to see Dr Clarkson when his treatments have a negative effect on him. Robert and Cora reconcile as Robert accepts Mary and Tom's view that they should build decent houses on Downton land whilst John discovers Mary's condoms in Anna's cabinet and accuses her of not wanting to bear his child out of belief that he killed Green. Edith learns that Michael Gregson has been murdered by Fascist thugs and that she now owns his publishing company. Most of the family attend a point-to-point race, where Blake parades new girlfriend Mabel in front of Mary and Rose introduces Atticus's aristocratic parents to the Crawleys. Edith decides to take Marigold.

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