Episode #1.6 ´2015

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Whilst Ross's cooperative has some success there are hard times throughout Cornwall and typhoid sweeps through Bodmin jail and kills Jim Carter just as Ross and Dwight break in to rescue him. Dwight is also called upon to visit the injured Keren, who throws herself shamelessly at the young doctor, as Demelza notices. Untouched by privation the Warleggans throw a ball where Francis, struggling to accept his reduced circumstances, neglects Elizabeth, allowing George to step in as her escort. Ross turns up drunk and confronts Halse, the magistrate who jailed Jim and then plays cards recklessly though he does expose his opponent as a card sharp, known to the Warleggans, who are now all the more determined to break him. Further scandal is caused by the arrival of Captain Blamey, who asks Verity to run away with him.

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