The Vast Abyss ´2013

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Spector is frustrated and angry for he has failed in his perfect murder, killing Jack Brawley whilst Annie Brawley survives and is taken to hospital, where Stella tests for DNA on her body. Spector's wife Sally Ann sees him on CCTV footage of Sarah Kay's last recorded movements and makes him go to the police station to eliminate himself from enquiries. Sally Ann covers for him but is angry when he lies about his nocturnal jaunts by admitting to an affair with the under-age baby sitter. Sally Ann leaves him but he wins her back. After an Identikit picture of 'Peter' is published and Sarah's father makes an appeal Stella receives a bizarre phone call from Spector, promising to end his killing spree, though that is not the end of the matter. Meanwhile Eastwood accuses Burns of weakness for tipping off the Monroes that he knows about their illegal activities, allowing Aaron to flee from the law.

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