Insolence & Wine ´2013

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Stella learns from ACC Burns that the new victim is Jimmy Olson. She confesses to having had sex with him, unaware that he was married, and is advised by Burns to arm herself. Rob Breedlove, who runs a brothel in which Alice's widower Aaron has an interest, is also perturbed by Jimmy's death. Stella holds a briefing to alert her officers to the fact that they are dealing with a serial killer, who is addicted to his crimes. She gives a press conference at which Ned Callan poses awkward questions, before selecting her team and giving an accurate profile of the murderer. Spector goes with his wife and children to visit her parents but makes a point of studying Stella on her television appeal. His mother-in-law is suspicious of the fact that he has given his little daughter Olivia a necklace, the one stolen from Sarah, whilst Olivia tells her mother Sally Ann that she knows of a scrapbook in which her father keeps a perverted log, detailing his crimes. Soon afterwards Spector selects his next victim, solicitor Annie Brawley.

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