Darkness Visible ´2013

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Having killed Sarah, Spector ritually bathes her and paints her nails, snips off a lock of her hair and takes a necklace. Later he masturbates over film he has taken of her corpse. Stella refuses to speak to local reporter Ned Callan as to her involvement in the Monroe case. Afterwards, she has meaningless sex with young police sergeant James Olson. Next day she is angry to see that Callan has written an article about her arrival in Belfast. She is then called out to the murder scene of Sarah and asks to take over the investigation. She learns from the pathologist that Sarah was pregnant. Spector's wife's teen-aged baby-sitter comes to the house to download music and tries to steal the lock of Sarah's hair. Spector man-handles her to get it back, claiming it belonged to his mother though she is suspicious. At the same time the murder of drug-dealer Michael Lockwood seems to spark off a retaliatory murder.

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