I Fuckin' Miss Cory and Trevor ´2007

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Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are stealing meat from a grocery store in an effort to make money. Julian however, inspired by the words of his 3rd grade teacher, decides to quit stealing and seek legal gainful employment, and gets a job delivering pizzas. The lack of manpower puts a cramp in Ricky's meat-stealing operation, and he begins to curse Corey and Trevor's absence. Sarah later tells the camera that Corey and Trevor are staying in a mental hospital to recover from the nervous breakdowns they suffered as a result of the constant abuse Ricky has visited upon them over the years. Ricky decides to steal a massive quantity of meat from a delicatessen, and hatches a plan that would have Bubbles hiding in the freezer until the store closes. The deli turns out to be open later than he remembers however, and Bubbles remains locked in the freezer for three hours. When the store closes, Ricky orders a pizza and when Julian arrives, the two abandon the plan to steal meat and rescue Bubbles from the freezer.

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