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Hardy wakes in hospital and confesses to Ellie that he has heart arrhythmia but feels he must see the case through and quickly returns to work. He later tells Maggie and Olly that it was his ex- wife, also a police officer, who ruined the Gillespie case and he took the blame for her. Ellie questions Susan, who mistrusts the police after her husband killed their daughter and hanged himself in prison. She is certain that, whilst out walking her dog at night and smoking cigarettes, she saw Nige bring Danny's body ashore in a boat. She also informs the police that she believes Nige is the son she gave up for adoption and that he has inherited his father's murderous ways. Paul advises Beth not to reject her unborn baby and she and Mark feel happier after seeing the results of her scan. Paul also gives Hardy Tom's lap-top, which the boy was trying to destroy and informs him that Tom latterly said he hated Danny. Working late and alone Hardy receives an important email.

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