Episode #1.2 ´2013

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When Echo editor Maggie Radcliffe refuses to let Karen in on local coverage of the murder Karen taps Olly, using the bait that she can advance his career. Ellie finds cocaine and money hidden in Chloe's room and whilst Chloe will not divulge her supplier she admits she got it on behalf of hotelier Becca Fisher for a guest. She is protecting the source, boyfriend Dean Thomas, and she too is approached by Karen in the guise of friendship. Beth, reeling under the twin pressures of grief and excessive community sympathy, confesses to vicar Paul that she is pregnant and accepts his offer to be a confidant. Hardy's investigation leads him to caravan dweller Susan Wright, living near the murder scene, though he does not see the skateboard in her cupboard. He and Ellie are still at odds over dealing with the case though both are suspicious when telephone engineer and alleged psychic Steve Connelly tells them Danny died in a boat in water. Newsagent Jack Marshall, for whom Danny did a paper round, tells the police he saw the boy argue with postman Kevin but Kevin has an alibi. On the other hand Mark's alibi is shown to be false and his finger-prints are found at the scene of the murder.

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