The Devil You Know ´2014

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With Root's help, Shaw is able to elude Martine, but not before some collateral damage is done to what is now Shaw's former place of work. Unlike Root, Shaw is unable at this time to get a new identity from the Machine, meaning that Shaw has to go into hiding. On the flip side, Greer and Martine have to figure out why Samaritan is/was unable to identify Shaw as they still track her, which they hope will lead to Finch and the rest of the team. With Shaw and Root preoccupied with their immediate task of making their way back to Finch's headquarters using all the camera free zones, Reese is in charge of protecting their next number, namely the team's old friend, Carl Elias. Despite Elias' illegal dealings, they know that they have to protect him against the Brotherhood as Elias has at least maintained order in the criminal world, which the Brotherhood would not do in Elias' place. It seems as if the Brotherhood is able to get to some of Elias' men. The question mark on both sides is a man named Bruce Moran, Elias' investment accountant: Elias wonders if Dominic was able to get to him, while Dominic wonders what strategic position Moran holds in Elias' chain of command. Elias feels he doesn't need Reese's help in protection from the Brotherhood until a specific incident shows him otherwise. Both Elias and Shaw may have other ideas than what Reese and Root have in mind respectively for them.

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