YHWH ´2015

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Finch and Root are on a mission to save the Machine, after she gave herself up to Samaritan on her own volition to save Root and more specifically Finch. As Samaritan tries to complete its own mission in destroying the Machine while making what it sees as necessary corrections to the world order, Finch and Root have the difficult task of locating the Machine, who has been silent of late. When Finch and Root do hear from the Machine again, she sends them on a scavenger hunt without them knowing what all the pieces are supposed to accomplish. Finch and Root are without Reese who too has been silent. Finch has another difficult choice to make when he does eventually get an indirect message from Reese. Little do Finch and Root know that there is someone else who is trying to destroy Samaritan, albeit working on a different motive. Meanwhile, Dominic is holding Elias, Reese and Fusco hostage as he tries to negotiate the same deal Elias seemed to have with Reese, Finch and Fusco. Some may have their own machinations bubbling under the surface for this standoff between Elias and Dominic to end the way they want.

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