Search and Destroy ´2015

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The next number Finch and Reese receive from the Machine belongs to Sulaiman Khan, the founder and CEO of Castellum, which he started as a garage business but which is now the leading computer security company in the world with their anti-virus software pre-installed in eighty-six percent of the world's network devices. Khan is under attack electronically as his computer system has been hacked, revealing to the world that he embezzled from the company, which he denies as planted information. All the sensitive information from his devices has also been released, which further threatens both his professional and personal relationships. Because of the thoroughness of the attack specifically against Khan but which left Castellum virtually untouched leads Finch and Reese to the conclusion that it was orchestrated by Samaritan. Khan himself also comes to a conclusion that the attack was from an artificial intelligence, although he will have troubles convincing anyone of that fact, and although he is unaware of either Samaritan or the Machine's existence. In trying to save Khan, the team will have to learn what Samaritan's end goal with Khan is while they deal with Samaritan's human operatives in the form of Greer and Martine. Reese in particular gets a little help on the case and at the same time receives some advice about his personal life. Meanwhile, Root, on the Machine's directive, steals a GPS tracked custom-made reinforced locked case, not knowing why or what's inside.

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