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The next number Finch and Reese receive from the Machine is not a social security number but rather the college student number for Harper Rose, who, on the surface, is just a typical college student. They believe her number came up because she works at an on-campus medical marijuana dispensary, the job she got through her stoner slacker boyfriend, Trey Wender. Because the dispensary borders on being illegal - its legality depending on the jurisdiction involved - it is a cash only business with many banks refusing to accept the money, in their judgment being illegally obtained. As such, they believe Harper is the target in what happens to the cash on the premises. They know Harper is in trouble when they learn that the Brotherhood has gone into the security business, being the service that transports the money, but that the Mexican drug cartel is also interested in seeing the business shut down as cutting into their own profits. A secondary number comes up, which adds to the complexity of Reese, Finch and Fusco's tasks. They also learn that Harper is not all she appears on the surface. Meanwhile, Root has received a new task from the Machine: to create an app whose underlying mission is as a recruiting tool.

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