M.I.A. ´2015

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Reese and Root head upstate to Maple, New York as the vehicle Shaw was last seen in was spotted entering the town. Upon their arrival, they see Maple as a stereotypical perfect small American town... perhaps a little too perfect on the surface. As they track the movement of that vehicle, which is still in Maple, everything points to the answers they are looking for and hopefully a still alive Shaw lying within the town's major manufacturing plant, which had just been purchased by a company called Carrow and repurposed, which in turn has brought renewed prosperity to the town. Who is behind Carrow and its public face, Ms. Leslie Thompson, and what they are manufacturing may at least provide an answer as to why Shaw was brought to Maple. Meanwhile, Fusco is tasked with overseeing the Machine's latest number, Albert Weiss, a hardware store sales associate. He is a sad looking sack of a man who Fusco is certain is the target. Fusco notices that a familiar face has also placed Weiss under surveillance: Dani Silva. She is no longer with I.A., but is now with the Gang Division. Her surveillance of him is because she has noticed that his name is on witness lists of a couple of unrelated missing persons gang cases over several years, which is a little too coincidental. They learn that he is not the target, but rather the perpetrator, hired by one of the gangs as a hit man because he is able to blend into the background without being noticed. In trying to find out who his target is, they will also find that he is much more ruthless and cunning than he appears on the surface, that innocent routine which he has perfected.

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