Control-Alt-Delete ´2015

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Samaritan has identified a four man terrorist cell located in Detroit, Michigan. At the White House, Control is heading the mission to eliminate the four in the cell. But when she learns that Samaritan is hiding some information from her concerning one of the four - information which she later learns is irrelevant to the actual case - Control changes the focus of the mission to learn the nature of that hidden information before disposing of the four terrorists. But in her effort to discover that information, she finds that she is thwarted time and time again. Samaritan itself and its human operatives in the form of Greer and Travers seems to be part of the blocks. As such, she may find that she is being left in the dark of many of the goings-on of Samaritan. But other external forces also seem to be working against her, those external forces which may know more about the thought process of Samaritan than her.

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