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With Samaritan up and running, it is a new reality for Reese, Finch, Shaw, Root and even Bear, who are on Samaritan's top five most wanted list, and thus are in hiding of sorts. Finch's Machine has manufactured undercover "day" jobs for each, Finch's which is close to his own mentality, while Reese and Shaw's are somewhat more surprising for different reasons. Root tries to explain to Shaw that these jobs, however inappropriate they may seem on the surface, were chosen by the Machine for a reason. When the Machine contacts Reese and Shaw with a new number, Reese is prepared to continue with their old work. Logistically it is a little more difficult for Shaw to take time away from her day job. But Finch is a little more difficult to convince, he believing that their work with the Machine has resulted in more direct deaths than the number of lives that they have saved. Regardless, they all realize that if they do go back into business, the likelihood that Samaritan will find them will increase exponentially. The number belongs to Ali Hasan, the owner of his own independent electronics store in the Bronx. In working on the case, those involved will find that the Machine has ulterior motives in providing his number, with one of her own rationales being the same as for the team: survival.

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