Mors Praematura ´2013

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Reese and Finch go on separate missions. Finch has noticed that Shaw has been less responsive than she even usually is and he sends Reese to go find her. Reese initially discovers evidence that Shaw was abducted, but later finds more evidence that she may have gone willingly with her abductor: Root. He has to find what Root is up to, she who has been in contact with the Machine, which is feeding her information for her latest mission requiring Shaw's assistance. In the meantime, Finch works on their latest number, that of Timothy Sloan, an estate investigator for the New York Public Administrator. Finch is pretty sure that he is the target because of what he has found during one of his investigations. Finch will learn that that investigation is of Jason Greenfield, who died two weeks ago of a heroin overdose and whose case file is not Sloan's. It is Sloan's personal connection to Greenfield and Greenfield's activities as a computer hacker that are the key. And Carter learns a little more about the workings of HR when Laskey voluntarily reveals a bit of himself to her.

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