Razgovor ´2013

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In his typically quiet way, Finch tries to tell Shaw that she needs to soften her approach and be more caring toward those they are helping. When that tact doesn't work, he has what he believes is a private discussion with Reese about the issue, which also doesn't yield any tangible results. However, Shaw is tasked with direct contact with their latest number, that encounter which may require Shaw to be more caring to achieve their end goal. That number, an alien registration number rather than a social security number, is for Genrika Zhirova from Russia, she who has virtually no electronic footprint. When Shaw meets her, she understands why: Gen is only ten years old. She originally came to live with her now-deceased grandfather a few years back, and now lives virtually uncared for under the official guardianship of a distant junkie cousin. She also sees herself not as a spy in training, but an actual spy as she tries to uncover information on illegal activities in her drug-infested apartment building so as to clean it up. It is Gen's discovery of information that they believe makes her the target of whomever is the perpetrator. In trying to protect Gen, Shaw may have to soften her approach, despite it not being part of her hard wiring. Meanwhile, Reese lets Carter know that he and Finch know about her work to bring down HR, which she feels she can only do by discovering the person at the top. Laskey, who is working for HR, may provide that unknown and/or unwanted thorn in her side, both in her work against HR and for Finch and company, Laskey who knows about "the man in the suit".

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