Death Benefit ´2014

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News of Northern Lights has hit the media, meaning that the team's work has become more difficult if only because of the public eye on what is happening. While Shaw heads off with Root on her next assignment, Reese heads to Washington DC to reunite with Finch for their next number, that belonging to Illinois Congressman Roger McCourt. Finch's initial guess is that they are heading into uncharted territory as he believes that McCourt is not only the target or the perpetrator of an individual crime, but also that his number is related to terrorism or national security regarding Decima trying to get Samaritan up and running, which, if happens, means the end of their own lives. McCourt sits on the Rules Committee which controls legislation. He has been an outspoken opponent of government surveillance, and thus could be a target for Decima as opposed to Vigilance. They learn that McCourt likes to see himself as a deal maker, one where all sides end up happy. When Reese eventually learns why the Machine provided his number, Finch, Reese and Shaw know that they truly are moving into uncharted territory as they come across a moral dilemma about what to do in the situation.

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