Nothing to Hide ´2013

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The next number the machine dispenses is for Wayne Kruger, an Internet genius and head of a company called Life Trace, which allows people to find others through information readily available already on the web. However, Finch learns that Life Trace's primary goal, its money making venture, is as a data broker, selling the information it gathers to people who will pay for it. As Kruger prepares to make what is perhaps the biggest deal of his career, he wants to be as open and transparent as possible with his prospective clients... or so he says. Finch, Reese and Shaw also learn that there was a class action lawsuit against Kruger and Life Trace by people who were ultimately hurt by the information that was provided through the site. They believe Kruger is the target, as someone or some people, probably a coalition of those behind the lawsuit, want to expose Kruger in very public means for not being as open concerning his own life as he purports. They have to wade through the list of several hundred of those involved in the lawsuit to find who is targeting Kruger most vehemently. Meanwhile, Carter, in order to work days, decides to go into the trainer's program. As such, she receives a rookie partner, Officer Mike Laskey. Carter doesn't want Laskey to be an obstacle to her missions - to find Beecher's killer and assist Finch and the team whenever required - but she may have a different viewpoint when she learns more about Laskey's own motivations.

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