Allegiance ´2014

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The latest number the Machine dispenses is for Maria Martinez, a professional engineer working for Hydral Corp, a private energy company owned by a man named Ken Davis, her boss. Her latest jobs have been in reconstruction projects in third world countries, most recently replacing multimillion dollar generators in Iraq. The team originally believes that she is the perpetrator, a terrorist (which would be contrary to the purpose of the number regardless), as she seems to be interested in getting Omar Risha, another possible terrorist, into the country from Iraq, where he is currently being held in high security detention. She is tracking a man named Rene Lapointe, a French diplomat stationed at the UN, who is the high commissioner for refugees. As such, Lapointe, Maria's seeming-intended target, is responsible for reviewing and thus approving or denying Omar's asylum request. The team changes their perspective on Maria when it seems that she is only trying to convince Lapointe to approve Omar's asylum believing that Omar is not a terrorist. Now believing Maria to be the target, the team has to find out who is trying to kill her. They believe it still has something to do with Lapointe, a Greek diplomat named Christoph Savin, Omar's asylum request and her previous work in Iraq. Meanwhile, Root is tracking Greer, the head of Decima, who seems close to getting Samaritan functioning. Greer, however, is an elusive target who seems to have extra computer assistance.

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