Provenance ´2014

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Upon Reese's return from Italy to rejoin the team, Finch receives their next number, that belonging to Kelli Lin. Born in Shanghai but raised in various places abroad, she became a naturalized US citizen six months ago. Reese's first instinct is that she is a spy, although her on-the-surface work is as an upscale events planner. The current event that she is planning is at a new exhibit opening at the Metropolitan Museum of History, that black tie event which Finch, Reese and Shaw plan to attend. During that event, which is being protested against by people who believe the artifacts being shown belong to the cultures where they were created, an incident occurs resulting in a Cezanne painting being stolen. After tracking the movements of the thief, Finch, Reese, Shaw and eventually Fusco change their goal of capturing the thief to trying to save a little girl, the two which may be incompatible. Saving the little girl may be made all the more difficult as the thief is being tracked by an Interpol agent named Alain Bouchard, who will stop at nothing to get who he wants.

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