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Under the assumed name John Wiley, Reese is making his escape from his life with Finch and the Machine by taking a one-way flight to Istanbul. He is however diverted onto another flight via Rome. Initially believing it is all Finch's doing, Reese soon learns that he was placed onto that Rome flight by the Machine, who provides him with the next number in the form of a seat number on the plane. "4C" is occupied by a young man named Owen Matthews, who is accompanied by who Reese recognizes as two federal marshals. Reese initially has no intention about doing anything about Owen until the two marshals are taken out. With Finch's help and direct questioning, Reese learns that Owen is involved with a case of an online drug ring headed by a man code named Sphinx, Owen the site designer who is the only person who can identify Sphinx. Reese and Finch learn that there are many people on the plane after Owen, the only person who Reese trusting being the first class flight attendant, Holly. While Reese, with Holly's help, does whatever he needs to find anyone after Owen while protecting Owen from being killed, Finch learns that one of the organizations after Owen is the International Security Agency (ISA), Shaw's old employers. As such, Finch sends Shaw on her own mission to find out the ISA's interest in wanting Owen dead.

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