God Mode ´2013

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Carter is dealing with internal affairs about a possible wrongful shooting on her part which resulted in a fatality. During the process, Terney shows his true colors to her. She has to figure out how to get herself out of her predicament, as well as prevent HR from carrying out its grand plan, even if it means helping the enemy. Meanwhile, the machine has rebooted itself, and has provided Root with 24 hour unfettered access to what it sees. The one thing it will not tell her is where the machine is located, which is her ultimate goal so that she can "set it free". She seemingly has Finch assisting her. Although she knows that Reese is following her, she is unaware that Finch also maneuvered the machine in providing Reese, and by association his current sidekick Shaw, who he tells from where the information is coming, that same unfettered 24 hour access. Beyond the location of the machine, what Reese also wants to know but which the machine will also not divulge is Finch's whereabouts. As Reese and Shaw track Root and Finch while dealing with whatever numbers the machine is sending their way, and as Root and Finch look for the machine, all four still must contend with Decima, which has its own plan with the machine. And in flashbacks, Finch divulges the reason why he embarked upon this work with Reese.

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