Bad Code ´2012

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While Reese leaves his newly acquired dog, Bear, with Fusco who will continue to investigate Alicia Corwin's death in New York, Reese and Carter head to Bishop, Texas to follow a lead about Root, and hopefully a still alive Finch who also hopefully did not need to divulge how to access the machine to Root in order to stay alive. Reese believes that Root's real name is Hanna Frey, who went missing in 1991 at age fourteen. In the eyes of the authorities, Hanna, who spent the evening at the library the night she went missing and was reported to have gotten into a man's car after her stint at the library, is presumed dead. Reese and Carter manage to speak to many of the still alive players associated with Hanna or that evening, including Hanna's father, Barb Russell the librarian, Sheriff Landry, and Cody Grayson, a boy at the library that night who is a suspect in Hanna's disappearance since he had previously followed her home. The information they are able to collect - including from some junk mail addressed to Hanna, and from Finch concerning his investigation - leads Reese and Carter in some unexpected directions. Meanwhile, Root continues to use the hot button issues to get the information she wants about the machine from her now two captives, Finch and Denton Weeks.

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