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Reese and Finch head to Atlantic City for their next number, that belonging to Lou Mitchell, an irascible, widowed and retired watch repairman, who, like many of his age, has a small electronic footprint, meaning that Reese and Finch will have to use other means than electronic to follow him. In viewing Lou's activities, Reese sees a man living on a fixed income but who is constantly at the casino and constantly losing, over the past few months in the order of several hundred thousand. But Reese also sees some visual signs that he may have been involved with the mob in his younger days. But in following Lou's movements, Reese and Finch see that Lou is not alone in his goings-on although he does not acknowledge those others, who are all seniors like himself, and they don't acknowledge Lou or any of the others. When Reese and Finch learn what Lou is up to and why his number came up, they want to intervene through the casino to prevent the incident involving Lou from happening, but penetrating through the high security of a casino may not be that easy. Meanwhile, Detective Szymanski has been implicated in illegal activities just before he was to testify at the trial of immigrant drug lords. Carter believes he has been set up and that it may have to do with HR. What Carter uncovers on trying to free Szymanski may place her life jeopardy.

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