Proteus ´2013

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Coinciding with a storm hitting the eastern tri-state area which may require evacuation of coastal residents, the machine has not provided any numbers in three days, leading Reese and Finch to believe that there might be something wrong with it, especially what Stanton may have done to it prior to her death. When the machine does provide a number, it provides six men simultaneously, five who are officially missing or have ceased their electronic footprint. Reese and Finch decide to focus on the sixth, Jack Rollins - Finch at his New York apartment, Reese at his rented home on Owen Island just off the northeast tip of Long Island - while Carter is tasked with finding out more about the missing or off-the-grid five. Their early guess is that their unknown perpetrator has killed the five taking over their identity moving from person to person, Rollins the next on the list. A common bond between their three individual investigations is Special Agent Alan Fahey, an FBI paper pusher. By reading the missing persons and off-the-grid files of the five, Carter sees Fahey's name, he who has noted a similarity between the five cases. Fahey also shows up at Owen Island looking for Rollins. Reese, acting as a US Marshall, and Fahey team to find what may have happened to a now seemingly missing Rollins. But because of the storm, those few who did not evacuate have convened at the small police station with Reese and Fahey, those people who include the local dipsomaniac bartender, a young grocery store clerk, a just married couple from out of town, an out of town developer, a fisherman and a drifter along with the sole deputy on duty. As they get further into their investigation, Carter and Finch individually come to the conclusion that the killer is one of those stuck on Owen Island. The problem becomes getting that information to Reese as the storm has shut down much of the communications and transportation networks. Reese and Fahey would then have to figure out which one he is. During this process, Carter tries to find out what baggage Beecher is carrying that cost her the FBI position, which is all the more difficult as Beecher himself presses her to find out why she has suddenly turned cold on him.

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