Relevance ´2013

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Sam Shaw and her associate Michael Cole receive numbers from the machine much like Finch and Reese, but they receive the ones relating to terrorist threats, which they are to extinguish. Working as field agents for the US Government, they, however, do not yet know the source for the numbers. Shaw and Cole end up being the next numbers Finch and Reese receive. Despite Shaw and by association Cole having killed many in the past, Reese and Finch receive their numbers as the intended targets. The perpetrators are insiders who want to dispose of them because they are questioning and thus getting close to finding out the source of the numbers. Shaw specifically is initially unaware that she is targeted because of where they are heading toward in that questioning. As Shaw tries to find out who gave the kill order on her, Reese and Finch have problems keeping her safe if only because of her suspicious nature as a killer agent, and her loner attitude. What they all are also unaware of is that someone else is working undercover to try and track down the source of the numbers, thus putting them all in further danger.

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