Prisoner's Dilemma ´2013

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Fusco is alone working on the next number the machine dispenses, but in certain respects he doesn't mind when he sees who she is. He is working solo as Finch and Carter are trying to get Reese out of Riker's, where he is still being kept prisoner by Donnelly, along with the three other men captured in the bank basement, as Donnelly is determined to find out which of the four is the "man in the suit", who he considers the most dangerous man alive. Donnelly places Carter in the position of chief interrogator, which gives Carter special opportunity to help Reese but which is also under Donnelly's ever watchful eye. Other obstacles Finch and Carter face in helping Reese are: the three other men, who are unaware that Donnelly's primary interest is to discover the identity of the man in the suit, and not the goings-on in the bank; and three other prisoners in Riker's who know who Reese is, but one who Reese does not know. The next number the machine dispenses may also affect whether Donnelly is able to get his man.

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