Cura Te Ipsum ´2011

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Using the pretense of needing a prescription refilled while his own doctor is away, Finch is able to initiate the electronic surveillance on his and Reese's next case, that of emergency room physician Dr. Megan Tillman. In following Dr. Tillman, Reese learns that she is leading a double life. While she spends tireless sixteen hour days at the hospital, her precious time away from the hospital is not spent sleeping, but rather trolling the singles bars at night. Reese is certain the other party involved in whatever will happen to her is investment banker Andrew Benton, who not only frequents the same bars but who Tillman ran into earlier that day. And Reese discovers that Benton has the date rape drug on his person. As Reese learns more about Benton, which includes past criminal offenses expunged, he figures out that not is all it appears on the surface. He and Finch will have to not only try to prevent the murder as planned, but save Dr. Tillman's soul in the process. Meanwhile, Fusco is being threatened by the Mexican drug cartel he and his colleagues used to assist in their crimes. And Carter thinks she's one step closer to tracking down Reese when she sees on security video recordings what looks to be a personal interaction at a crime scene between a masked man, who she knows is Reese, and Finch (under an alias), a supposed innocent bystander. Reese thinks he can kill both the immediate Fusco and Carter problems with one stone.

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