Identity Crisis ´2012

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Carter, disapproving of Reese's methods, still is not accepting his or Finch's calls. She receives a visit that provides yet another perspective on Reese's possible life. Without Carter's assistance, Reese and Finch will require Fusco to return to good cop mode to help with their latest number, that belonging to Jordan Hester. They have little information about Jordan, who seems in large part to be living off the grid. They have no photographs of Jordan, nor do they even know if Jordan is a male or female. What little information they have seems to indicate that Jordan leads two parallel lives, including having two apartments. What they find on their leads is two different Jordan Hesters, a male bar worker, and a female antiques aficionado. They come to the conclusion that one is the true Jordan Hester, the other someone who stole the identity. Reese's find of a third apartment under Jordan's name and information obtained by Fusco from the Identity Theft squad and from a convicted criminal who claims to be behind bars since he was the victim of identity theft leads Reese and Finch to figuring out which is the real Jordan, and what the fake Jordan is up to. However, they may come to the realization too late for one of them.

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