Baby Blue ´2012

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In an on-going case, Reese accompanies Carter when mob boss and Elias' father Gianni Moretti is released from prison. Carter wants to offer Moretti police protection as they are all aware that Elias is out to kill him. Regardless, Finch has another number in hand, the number only issued two months earlier to a Leila Smith. He surmises that Leila is either a recent immigrant or obtained the number through identity fraud. Finch is wrong on both counts: Leila is a six-month old safe haven baby whose parents are unknown, and who obtained her social security number through one of the attending nurses at the medical clinic where she is currently residing. That nurse wanted Leila to have an identity despite her situation. Reese and Finch track down who they believe is Leila's single mother, but the identity of the father requires further investigation. They believe the father has to do with recent sizable donations to the medical clinic, which they learn was made by Petrosian Construction, a family owned business led by Adnan Petrosian. Reese and Finch have to find out if the father is one of the Petrosians, and if the father's identity has anything to do with the obvious kidnap attempts on Leila. Reese may have to do some juggling between the two cases. In the process, he may have to decide if Moretti or Leila's life is more important. Reese requests the assistance of an old nemesis, who has his own agenda in whether to help Reese.

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